S Y L V I E  V A N D E W A L L E


Sylvie Vandewalle is an Antwerp-based photographer. After working in the Antwerp fashion industry for some years, she returned to her first love : photography.
Sylvie was already interested in photography from an early age, only much later she started using it as a medium to express her feelings.

Both by the choice of her models and by using glass, plastic, paper and motion, images are transformed into works of art that constantly explore the border between photography and painting, another of Sylvie’s passions.

Sylvie considers herself an introvert, and as a result likes to embed an element of mystery into her images. Key features of her work include simplicity, stillness and a nostalgic atmosphere. The solitary theme is a leitmotiv in most of her work. The images do not require much explanation, it’s all about what you feel when viewing them. 

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